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The benefits of the Agora

Create more revenue

Generate a new revenue stream from referrals and affiliations

Expand your service offering

Introduce Agora's top-tier solution to clients and enhance their investment operations

Enhance brand awareness

Leverage the Agora brand to distinguish yours and stand out from the competition

Winning together
With Agora

Consultants & Advisors

Add value to your consulting services and team up with a prime technological partner. Help streamline investment management, boost fundraising abilities and improve capital efficiency.

Thought leaders

Collaborate with a market frontrunner to gain traction. Provide valuable content to your audience to enjoy a lucrative affiliate partnership.

Accounting Firms

Provide your RE clients with added value and reinforce your advisory services. Get full access to clients’ reports and financial data to achieve better efficiency and transparency.


Gain a competitive edge and complement your value proposition by adding a comprehensive investment management solution to your offering to real estate companies.

Software vendors

Upgrade your software offering by adding the most comprehensive, top-tier real estate investment management service to your software inventory.

PropTech & Fintech companies

Discover groundbreaking paths to mutually benefit from exciting technological and commercial partnership opportunities.

What partnership
suits you?

  • Referral Partner

    Introduce Agora to clients and monetize your market access

  • Affiliate Partner

    Use your network to create more revenue

  • Channel Partner

    Take responsibility for the sale cycle

  • Implementation Partner

    Implement Agora at our customers' place of business

  • Tech Partner

    Integrate your software with Agora for a comprehensive customer experience

  • Strategic Partner

    Provide a customized solution for your enterprise clients

Ready to become a partner?

Join the Agora partnership