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8 May 2024
5 min reading
Leveraging automation: The secret to avoiding waterfall calculation errors
Explore how automation enhances accuracy and efficiency in private equity real estate by preventing common errors in waterfall calculation.
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Product updates
25 Apr 2024
3 min reading
Simplify distributions with Agora’s Waterfall Tool
Agora's Waterfall Tool provides simplicity and flexibility when calculating waterfall distributions, eliminating the need for complicated spreadsheets, streamlining your distributions.
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15 Apr 2024
7 min reading
Adapting to change: What you need to know about commercial real estate regulations
Explore commercial real estate regulations. Discover legal guidelines governing the ownership, use, and sale of properties intended for business purposes.
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29 Mar 2024
9 min reading
Essential strategies for an exceptional CRE portfolio in 2024
Explore commercial real estate strategies for portfolio growth as well as risk management and leveraging market opportunities for success.
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Product updates
20 Mar 2024
2 min reading
Streamlined prospect management with Agora’s fundraising tool
With Agora’s fundraising tool, streamline your prospect management and elevate your fundraising efforts.
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