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Investment managers spend too much time on grunt work, be it filing and sorting investment documents, managing open investor requests and related tasks, or maintaining updated spreadsheets.

Agora’s investment management software provides a comprehensive suite of features to help investment managers spend as little time as possible on manual actions.

Here’s a sneak peek into three of our popular time-saving features.

Document collections and smart uploads

Agora’s Document Center lets you stay on top of your document management at all times: You can instantly locate, access and send any document or group of documents.

The documents are organized by “document collections,” and you can filter them by document type (Capital calls, distribution notices, etc.), date, the entity they’re associated with, and more.

But the best part is when you have to upload and sort a large group of – sometimes even hundreds of them. Manually, it’s a task that takes hours of frustrating work – sorting through them, classifying their type, and assigning them to different investors.

The ״smart upload״ feature automates document uploads so that whole document collections are uploaded, automatically identified, and classified within seconds.

You only need to “drag and drop” the document collection, and Agora will do the rest: The system will automatically categorize the documents and suggest how to assign them based on investor name, document type, and entity. Additionally, the new documents will be automatically uploaded onto each respective investor’s Portal.

Just review the suggested assignments, hit “accept,” and what was supposed to take hours is now done in a matter of seconds.

Exporting investor details

Whether you need to easily export a list of all investors onto a spreadsheet, or just one, Agora enables you to do it effortlessly:

One-click investor list export

During tax season, firms start scrambling for investor information to send to their CPAs for K-1 purposes.

With Agora, you can export a full, up-to-date K-1 investor list with all the information your CPA (or anyone else, for that matter) requires.

K1 Export

With just one click, all the investor information needed for K-1 purposes will be downloaded onto a spreadsheet, ready to be sent.

Tailoring specific investor details export

Say you need to export a specific list concerning one investor, but they are involved in multiple investments and different investment profiles (for example, an individual, an LLC, and a JV).

You can easily customize the exact investments and profiles you like to include in the exported spreadsheet, so you get just the information you need – nothing more and nothing less.

Intuitive task assignments

Handling multiple investor-related tasks is like balancing ten spinning plates while riding a unicycle. It’s demanding and time-consuming, and tasks will likely fall between the cracks.

Agora enables you to upgrade your task management to a whole new level so that all tasks – whether it’s responding to an investor request, having a document signed, or sending out a statement – will be effectively tracked and managed until completion.

For example – let’s say there’s an investor you need to meet with because they expressed interest in investing in a new deal.

You can either create a task from the “Tasks” tab or – even better – from the investor’s profile, you can:

  1. Create a new “Interaction” and pick the type of interaction needed (meeting).
  2. Fill in a due date and priority.
  3. Associate the interaction with the relevant investment.
  4. Assign it to a specific team member.
  5. Schedule a follow-up.

After hitting “Save,” the task will be on their profile as an interaction and also in the general “Tasks” tab in the CRM for full visibility.

That way, all tasks can be seen in a concentrated view on the “Tasks” tab, but you can also see all open tasks and interactions with a specific investor when you go on their profile.

It’s not (only) about the features – it’s about the overall solution

Yes, features are important. But the one thing that makes Agora an industry leader is the way all features work together to create a holistic, seamless solution that helps investment managers save time, work better and get outstanding results.

Modified Date & Time : 02 Oct 2023, 12:51 pm


Gilad is a content manager at Agora. He holds a master’s degree (LL.M.) from Columbia Law School and a degree in Practical Electronics Engineering. Before becoming a content manager, Gilad practiced law as a commercial litigator.


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