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Everything GPs and LPs
need in one Portal

Convenience-driven interface

Your investors can conveniently access the portal from any device at any time, view investment information, commit to offerings, download reports, send requests, and sign documents from within the portal.

Full data

All relevant investment documents and information are available to your investors, including property descriptions, valuations, investment insights, distributions, cash and equity ledgers, contracts and tax reports.


Make it easy for your investors to contact you. Investors can send requests directly from the portal, view conversation history, and get live updates on asset performance, recent reports, and distribution notices.

and privacy

With two-factor authentication, ISO/IEC 27001 certification, and bank-level encryption, your investors know their financial information is secure.

Customize everything

The portal is your storefront. Make it your own by customizing it to speak your firm’s branding. from logos and color schemes to investment metrics, there’s nothing you can’t customize.

Promote new

Garner investor interest for new offerings directly from the portal. Create public brochures and personalized subscription flows. Produce ready-to-sign agreements and forms to make the process as easy as possible for your investors.

investor relationships

Manage all investor relationships from within the platform. Get investor requests, assign investor-specific tasks to your team and keep track of investor activities like document views, email open, and click-through rates.

data visibility

Enhance data security and privacy. Show investors only the information and documents relating to their own investments and deals.

“The biggest thing with Agora was definitely the user interface. It is a lot cleaner than our previous solution, and it enables us to have a white-labeled investor portal. This feature was highly attractive to us because it allows us to establish a more personalized relationship with our investors”

Chris Wraback

Director of Investments at AVGI

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Frequently Asked

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  • What is real estate Investor Portal software?

    A real estate investor portal is a software or online platform that allows real estate investors to manage their investments, access information about investment opportunities, and make new commitments.

  • Why do commercial real estate firms and GPs need Investor Portal software?

    An Investor Portal is necessary for real estate firms to foster and fortify relationships with their investors.

    The Investor Portal provide investors with easy, secure access to information about their investments, including property portfolios, financial reports, and performance data.

    An investor portal also allows investors to view and manage their investment accounts, make transactions, and communicate with the real estate firm. By providing investors with access to the Investor Portal, real estate firms promote investor confidence, streamline communication and data management, reduce the workload of administrative tasks, and ultimately raise capital faster and more efficiently.

  • What features are the most important features for real estate investor portal software?

    Here are the key features commercial real estate firms should look for in an Investor Portal:

    • User-friendly interface
    • Access to investment information
    • Communication
    • Customization
    • Security and privacy

    To learn more read our article

  • What are the costs of real estate Investor Portal software?

    As there are substantial differences between Investor Portal platforms in terms of features and overall quality, the pricing varies greatly.

    The investor portal is often offered as part of investment management software, together with other tools and features.

    This is also what Agora offers: the Investor Portal is included as part of Agora’s Real Estate Investment Management Platform together with CRM, Document Center, Fundraising Enablement Tools, and more, for a subscription fee starting from $599/month. Learn more about Agora’s pricing.

  • Is there a limit on the number of investors or investments I can manage with the Investor Portal?

    You can add as many investors, investments, and entities as you like, for free.

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