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The benefits of Agora’s

bookkeeping services

Get your needs met on all aspects of your business

Your dedicated bookkeeper will handle all your bookkeeping, both for your properties and your investment operations.

Guaranteed accuracy and excellence

Our team of top-tier bookkeepers is backed by expert CPAs, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and quality assurance.

Save more than 45% on fees

Our use of process automation enables us to significantly lower rates and offer competitive prices compared to traditional bookkeeping services.

Effective communication

Communicate with your bookkeeper and send documents in the way most convenient for you – through the Agora Tax Center, phone, email, or text.

The services we offer

Choose the scope of service that fits your bookkeeping needs. Accounting software setup & sync, reconciliation & financial statements are included

General bookkeeping

Accounting software setup and sync, reconciliation, and financial statements

Investment-level bookkeeping

Monthly, quarterly, and annual statements (general and per entity), reconciliation

Property-level bookkeeping

Record maintenance, accounts payable,  accounts receivable, reconciliation

“We couldn’t be more satisfied with Agora’s bookkeeping services. In fact, we are already on a path towards saving $50,000 a year working with Agora’s bookkeeping services, while also improving efficiency and overall performance.”

Yonatan Gelfand

Founder & CEO at Gelfund Real Estate Opportunities

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