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Market investments with customized data rooms and brochures. Display deals on your marketplace or target specific investor lists with advanced filtering.

Advanced prospect management

Define and manage the entire investor pipeline from lead to investor throughout the fundraising lifecycle. Track statuses from initial interest to capital contribution for a centralized prospect management system.


Create tailored subscription flows based on any investor characteristic and use embedded in-platform e-signing to simplify your investors’ subscription experience.

Insights &

Follow up on your offerings with an analytics dashboard that gives you a bird’s-eye view of all aspects of the fundraising status.

Taylor Bassett

“Immediately after we started using the Agora offering toolbox, we tripled the amount of equity we were able to raise.״

Taylor Bassett

COO | Founder | Owner at Helu Capital

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Frequently Asked

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  • Who is the real estate fundraising software for?

    Our fundraising software is designed for General Partners (GPs), investment managers, and investment firms engaged in real estate. It streamlines the fundraising process, allowing GPs to efficiently manage capital raising, investor relations, and compliance. Agora’s software is ideal for firms looking to enhance investor engagement, simplify investor reporting, and optimize the overall fundraising lifecycle in real estate.

  • What is real estate fundraising enablement?

    Agora’s fundraising enablement refers to tools and features that help real estate firms raise capital and secure funding for deals, including data rooms, public brochures, automated subscription flows, lead management, and more.

  • What is the difference between fundraising enablement and fundraising automation?

    Fundraising enablement and fundraising automation serve different functions. Fundraising enablement focuses on providing tools and resources that aid fundraisers in their efforts, such as training, content, and strategic support. On the other hand, fundraising automation refers to the use of technology to automate repetitive tasks in the fundraising process, like email marketing, segmentation, and data management.

  • What are the benefits of using real estate fundraising software?

    Fundraising is an inseparable part of all aspects of investment management, and it’s important to create a seamless fundraising experience for GPs and their investor network. That’s why the fundraising software must be fully integrated with all other tools, like the Investor Portal, investor CRM, reporting tools, and a document management platform.

  • What are the costs of using fundraising enablement software?

    The payment for the investment platform, including all its features, training, and support, is subscription-based, starting from $599 a month. All fundraising tools are included in the subscription.

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