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It’s time to leverage tax abatements – before it’s too late
Discover how Alpha Investing leveraged tax abatements to add $14 million value to a building on day one - and how you can too.
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The art of asking the right questions in due diligence
Paul Thompson offers valuable advice on how to avoid costly pitfalls by knowing how to ask the right questions during due diligence.
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The deal evaluation playbook — with Juan Vargas, Founder and Principle at GenWealth Capital 
Juan Vargas shares his insights about the best approach to prioritizing deal opportunities, and his personal experience about growth strategy
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Discovering what you’re capable of — with Meir Fried, Co-Founder and CEO of Lightwater Capital
We hosted Meir Fried, Co-founder and CEO of Lightwater Capital, for The Deal Makers podcast. Meir shared his secret for going from $2 million to $20 million deals and his view on the current state of the market.
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The value of education in real estate, with Brian Briscoe
Brian talked with us about how his love of teaching and real estate manifests in his work for "The Tribe of Titans," his unique career journey, and the current state of the real estate market.
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Listener favorites: The Deal Makers’ top episodes of season 1
In The Deal Makers S1, Agora talked real estate strategies, tips, and lessons with industry top players Brian Briscoe, Levi Benkert, Joel Fine, and more.
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Changing your mindset to fuel growth with Jorge Abreu
We set down for a talk with Jorge Abreu, CEO of Elevate Investment Group for a talk about his career journey and how he made the jump from single-family to multi-family properties.
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Building Wealth and Community with Kim Wendland, Co-Founder and Real Estate Asset Manager at Quattro Capital
Most people get into real estate to make money. But wealth isn't the only thing you can build in this business. In fact, it may not even be the most important thing… We recently sat down with Kim Wendland for an episode of The Deal Makers podcast.
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Growing an Industrial Real Estate Business With Levi Benkert, Founder of Harbor Capital
While many investors focus exclusively on residential real estate, industrial real estate can be incredibly rewarding. And many industry veterans — like Levi Benkert, Founder and CEO of Harbor Capital — have jumped into the industrial real estate waters with both feet. In this article, we'll share Levi's tips for growing an industrial real estate business, as well as our own insights into the process. Let's dive in!
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