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A CRM tailor-made
for real estate firms

All investor data at
your fingertips

Smart filtering, automation rules, dynamic investor lists, and enhanced search capabilities give you a crystal clear view of your data at all times.

Save time with
bulk actions

Run tasks at scale for different investor groups. Share personalized reports, deliver documents, and send emails and notifications with one click.


Log, track, and classify all investor communications, whether email, phone calls, or requests from within the platform.


Manage team members, assign investor-specific tasks, and create approval workflows. Add stakeholders like accountants and consultants to extend your collaboration capabilities.

Caroline Janjic

“Using Agora, we’ve been able to take a lot of our processes out of Excel and onto the Agora platform, which saves us a lot of time in running through these processes each month.”

Caroline Janjic

Chief Operating Officer at Iridius Capital

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Frequently Asked

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  • What is a commercial real estate investor CRM?

    While CRM generally stands for Customer Relationship Management, when it comes to investment management, it means software designed to help real estate firms (mainly, but not only, GPs) to manage their investor relations. 

    An investor CRM allows firms to keep all their investor information, including contact details, communications, portfolios, and more, in one place. Doing so allows real estate firms to easily manage their investor relations, extract any investor information they need, and handle communications. 

    A commercial real estate investor CRM is also a powerful growth driver for real estate firms. They can use it to manage leads, gain insights, identify investment trends, and match offerings to specific investor profiles. 

  • Why do commercial real estate firms and GPs need a real estate investor CRM?

    A real estate investment CRM is essential to any GP and real estate firm’s investment operations for several reasons:

    • Improved efficiency.
    • Better communication and collaboration.
    • Lead management and marketing.
      Data-driven insights.

    To learn more, read our article on why real estate firms and GPs need a CRM.

  • What are the most important features of commercial real estate investor CRM software?

    Investor and lead contact management
    The CRM should enable you to easily store, organize and search through the contact information of leads and current investors. It should also allow you to create dynamic lists of investors based on specific criteria (or a combination) like the number of investments, location, investment type, last interaction date, and more. The software should allow you to effectively track and manage leads and opportunities throughout the investment process.

    Team collaboration and Task management

    The ability to collaborate and communicate with team members and other stakeholders is critical for successful investment. It may include assigning investor-specific tasks to team members, follow-up reminders, and recurring tasks.

    Streamlined communications

    The CRM should enable you to record, track, and sort your investor communications by email or phone. It’s also essential to have an embedded messaging system that syncs to your email account (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) so you can communicate with your investors through the platform.

    Part of a holistic solution

    Investor CRM alone isn’t a sufficient solution to manage real estate investor relations. To truly optimize your investor relations, it has to be part of a holistic investment management platform that also provides an Investor Portal through which investors can view information and communicate, data management, tax reporting, and distribution tools.

  • What are the costs of a commercial real estate investment CRM?

    There are substantial differences between investor CRM software in terms of features and overall quality, so the pricing varies greatly.

    Additionally, it’s highly recommended that the CRM will work as an integral, seamless part of a real estate investment management solution, together with other tools and features like an Investor Portal and distribution tools.

    This is also what Agora offers: the CRM is included as part of Agora’s Real Estate Investment Management Platform together with an Investor Portal, Document Center, Fundraising Enablement Tools, and more, for a subscription fee starting from $599/month.

    For more information on Agora’s pricing, click here.

  • Is Investor relations management software the same as CRM?

    Yes. CRM software is a general name for customer relationship management software. A CRM for real estate firms (or an “investor CRM”) is another name for investor relations management software.

  • Is Investor management software the same as CRM?

    Yes. CRM software is a general name for customer relationship management software. A CRM for real estate firms (or an “investor CRM”) is another name for investor management software.

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