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5 reasons why you
should use real estate
syndication software

Real estate syndication software can be a game changer for you and your business. Here are some of the reasons our customers choose to use a software.

  • REASON 01
    Enhance investor relations

    Agora ensures clear communications thanks to our user-friendly Investor Portal which offers instant access to documents, updates, and reports. With the added functionality of automatic ACH distributions, Agora streamlines transactions, improving overall investor satisfaction and fostering greater engagement.

  • REASON 02
    Raise capital faster

    Helu Capital managed a 3X equity increase while they were using Agora. This could also be you. By streamlining the fundraising process from start to finish and widening the investor pool, you have the potential to raise capital faster using Agora.

  • REASON 03
    Achieve operational efficiency

    By speeding up back-office tasks and simplifying reporting with Agora’s platform, you can significantly reduce operational time and costs. Metanoic experienced a 70% increase in investor engagement and 10X faster back office work while using Agora.

  • REASON 04
    Secure communications

    Safety and security is of the utmost importance. With a real estate syndication software like Agora you can safeguard communications between GPs and investors, keeping them secure against cyber threats. You can also rest assured that the high risks associated with email communications are addressed and prevented. 

  • REASON 05

    Every business is about scalability at the end of the day. Agora facilitates portfolio expansion while still maintaining high operational standards. You don’t have to worry about a decreased quality of investor relations, fundraising, reporting, and data transparency, on the contrary. With a real estate syndication software, you can focus on growth.

Why you should choose Agora as your real
estate syndication software

Whether you are a real estate syndicator or an investor, Agora is tailored to meet your needs. Agora’s comprehensive real estate syndication platform offers a wide range of features designed to enhance your investment experience.

Intuitive Investor Portal

A modern, intuitive, and secure portal that gives your investors the transparency they need.

Automated distributions

Save time sending out distributions with automated waterfall calculations and personalized distribution notices.

Comprehensive fundraising tools

Streamline your fundraising process throughout the investment lifecycle, from initial marketing to contribution.

Document management system

Keep your documents organized and easily accessible. Store, sort, search and deliver agreements, forms, and reports with just a few clicks.

Integrated and customizable CRM

Manage your investors effortlessly with Agora’s fully customizable CRM. Easily access all your investor data while improving communications.

Detailed investor reporting

Effortlessly generate and deliver all types of investor reports with customized templates and automated processes.

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“Having a one-stop shop with Agora to manage data, send out distribution, and raise capital is a game-changer! It saves us heaps of time and boosts our accuracy, which is super important to us.”

Nicole Warwood

Chief Financial Officer

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Real estate syndication
software FAQ

  • How do you choose the right real estate syndication software?

    The best real estate syndication software will provide a holistic suite of tools. Here are the essentials:

    • An Investor CRM, where investor relations managers can view all investors, manage contacts, and assign tasks.
    • An Investor Portal, where investors can log in, view their portfolios, and subscribe to new deals; fundraising enablement tools like data rooms and personalized subscription flows for individual investors.
    • A document management center, where users can upload, sort, search and send documents.
    • Reporting tools to help syndicators create customized personal reports, capital calls, and distribution notices, that they can send to their investors.
  • What are the important security features of real estate syndication software?

    Dealing with sensitive information and maintaining trust with investors requires robust security protocols from your real estate syndication software. Here’s what you should look for:

    • Full compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC 2 standards and is secured with Amazon AWS cloud technology.
    • WAF Firewall and two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.
      Periodic external audits, penetration testing, and vulnerability scans to assure system integrity.
    • Bank-grade (256-bit AES and TLS/LLS in transit) encryption to ensure your data, documents, and communications are secure and private.
  • Can real estate syndication software be customized to fit different business sizes or types?

    Agora supports firms of all sizes, no matter how much equity or how many investors they manage. For example, we support firms that are just starting their first fund AND we support firms that have been in the business for decades.

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