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8 May 2024
5 min reading

Leveraging automation: The secret to avoiding waterfall calculation errors

Explore how automation enhances accuracy and efficiency in private equity real estate by preventing common errors in waterfall calculation.

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29 Jan 2024
4 min reading
Make this tax season a breeze with Agora’s Tax Service
Agora's K-1 services provide a real estate expert CPA and a Tax Center to communicate with your CPA, send & sign documents and get a progress overview from within the platform.
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25 Dec 2023
5 min reading
Recession-Resilient Medical Office Building Assets
Explore the resilience of Medical Office Buildings in real estate, their stability in downturns, and the value of strategic healthcare market insights.
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Product updates
18 Dec 2023
1 min reading
Tailor your CRM experience with custom table views
With custom table views, you can better manage and visualize your investor data for a smooth and simple CRM experience.
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17 Dec 2023
6 min reading
How to add value to a triple-net lease property
Proven strategies to add value to net-lease investments through lease restructuring, renovations, emerging brand partnerships, and leveraging technology.
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Investor management
13 Dec 2023
9 min reading
Data transparency in real estate investor software: Making every document accessible
Discover the power of real estate investor software in managing your firm’s documents, and the immense benefits this provides GPs and investors alike.
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Product updates
12 Dec 2023
1 min reading
Agora’s investment management platform: a deep dive into the Investor Portal
Agora's investor portal is the most modern and intuitive portal in the market, providing your investors with convenience and transparency.
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The Deal Makers
3 Dec 2023
1 min reading
Adieu to the brew: Saying goodbye to season 2 of Coffee Break
It’s time to bid farewell to season 2 of The Deal Makers’ Coffee Break with a recap of our most popular episodes.
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