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What’s new?

Let’s go over the main benefits of the new subscription process.

1. Simplified and intuitive investor experience

The redesigned subscription questionnaire delivers a sleek and modern user experience, making it effortless for investors to subscribe to offerings through their portals.

A swift online subscription process not only increases investor satisfaction, but also enhances your professional image in the eyes of your investors.

Check out this step-by-step example:

Modified Date & Time : 04 Jan 2024, 09:59 am

2. More investor conversions

Agora’s subscription questionnaire is expertly crafted, drawing on in-depth insights into thousands of investors’ usage behaviors and preferences with digital subscriptions, guaranteeing the most frictionless experience.

The result for General Partners is a higher conversion rate of potential investors, translating into more capital in less time and with fewer efforts.

3. Suited for family offices

Family offices can now streamline signature collections by using shared subscription questionnaires to quickly gather online signatures from investors, ensuring a fast and smooth subscription process.

Family offices can now pre-fill most of the subscription questionnaires on behalf of their investors, leaving just the final subscription document for them to sign, simplifying the process.

See the new subscription flow in action.

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Julia is the Marketing Manager at Agora. Prior to this role, she spent two years as a product onboarding expert within the company. Now, she harnesses her deep industry and customer insights to initiate all product marketing efforts.


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