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Strengthened investor relations

AVGI transformed its investor relations with Agora’s intuitive CRM and investor portal, significantly reducing investor inquiries and enhancing investor satisfaction.

Increased Operational Efficiency

AVGI saves time and boosts efficiency with Agora’s user-friendly platform, streamlining investment management tasks and freeing up time for business growth.

Ongoing Support and Collaboration

Agora’s responsiveness to feedback and commitment to continuous improvement and support fosters a strong and productive partnership.

About AVGI

Avgi, established in 2017, rapidly grew from a family office managing a $35 million portfolio to a formidable player in the industry, scaling up to a $100 million portfolio in just two years. The firm specializes in acquiring opportunistic assets across Long Island, New York City, Houston, Little Rock, St. Louis, and Binghamton.

AVGI focuses on purchasing assets that not only generate robust in-place income but also present opportunities to enhance both the physical and financial conditions of the properties. This strategic approach enables AVGI to effectively minimize risk while maximizing potential upside, ensuring a balanced and prosperous investment portfolio.

The challenge AVGI faced

The firm struggled with their previous software, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of investor satisfaction. AVGI was inundated with investor calls, particularly during tax season, as clients struggled to navigate the portal and access essential information.

As Chris Wraback, Director of Investments at Avgi, puts it:

“Especially during tax season, I used to get swamped with 20-30 calls a month from investors asking really basic questions because the investor could not manage to navigate their portals. It practically sucked up all my time, especially because the system was so hard to navigate.

AVGI recognized the need to transition to a more intuitive and innovative investment management platform, one that could scale to accommodate the firm’s growing needs, including investor management and regular fundraising initiatives.

Agora’s user friendly platform allows AVGI to provide their investors with exceptional service

In their quest for a more efficient and user-friendly solution, Avgi discovered Agora. Attracted by Agora’s clean user interface, best-in-class investor portal, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the company, Avgi decided to make the switch.

As Chris puts it:

“Now, I hardly get any calls because they can easily find all their information on the portal. Overall, the portal itself is the most modern and sleek platform that we have ever worked with, which makes us look professional and innovative to our investors.”

AVGI was impressed by Agora’s commitment to listening to their input and consistently enhancing the platform in response, signaling a promising foundation for a lasting and collaborative partnership:

“Agora’s entrepreneurial spirit truly stands out. They actively listen to our feedback and implement it into their product. It’s a partnership where our ideas and recommendations matter.”

AVGI saw the fruits of Agora’s solution from the get-go

AVGI found the transition to Agora from their previous software to be seamless, with immediate improvements in investor management and operational efficiency:

“Our favorite aspect of the Agora platform is its user-friendly interface because it makes my tasks less daunting. This simplifies the complexities of investor and investment management, from reporting, managing cap-tables, and uploading documents. Not to mention, the hands-on customer support approach adds to the overall ease of working with the platform.”

Additional features like Agora’s fundraising tool, CRM became an integral tool for Avgi, aiding in managing investments, maintaining strong relationships with investors, and focusing more on growing the business.

The result: AVGI saved valuable time and increased operational efficiency with Agora

By transitioning to Agora from alternative platforms, AVGI significantly improved its investment management processes and reduced the time spent on investor communication.

Through ongoing collaboration with Agora’s dedicated customer support team, AVGI has benefited from continuous assistance, ensuring their success as the company continues to grow.

Contact the Agora team to learn more about our investment management solution and how it can help your real estate investment firm save valuable time and increase operational efficiency.


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