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Greater efficiency

With Agora, Iridius Capital is able to communicate with investors more efficiently. This has led to substantial gains in team productivity and reduction in costs.

More flexibility

Agora gives Iridius Capital the flexibility it needs to quickly structure deals and convey information to investors. Doing so allows Iridius Capital to build better relationships with investors.

Built for real estate professionals

Agora’s investment management software is specifically built for real estate professionals, making the Agora platform a natural extension of the Iridius Capital team’s operation.

About Iridius Capital

Iridius Capital is a commercial real estate company with a unique approach.

The company partners with highly specialized real estate operating and development partners to bring best-in-class real estate assets to market. Its focus is acquiring under-utilized, cycle-resilient real estate assets and maximizing their income-generating potential.

One of the keys to Iridius Capital’s success is its ability to proactively respond to current market demands and changing customer preferences. This has allowed the company to build an impressive portfolio with projects across all commercial real estate asset classes.

The Challenges Iridius Capital faced

Iridius Capital tried three different investor management tools before working with Agora.

Each of these tools suffered the same shortcoming: they weren’t flexible enough to accommodate the unique deal structures Iridius often employs. According to the Iridius Capital leadership team, flexibility is key to their daily workflow. Without it, they can’t label projects properly or complete accurate reports.

Iridius Capital’s leadership also wanted a tool that would increase operational efficiency, allowing them to streamline investor communications, investor distributions, and reporting processes.

Because the various tools Iridius Capital had tried in the past weren’t specifically designed for real estate, these essential processes took longer than they should have.

At the end of the day, the Iridius Capital team wants to focus the majority of its attention on real estate—finding lucrative deals and making sure each project moves forward. They do not want to worry about the software they use to communicate with investors and run reports.

How Agora supports Iridius Capital

Unlike the other tools Iridius Capital used in the past, Agora is specifically built for real estate investment management.

Agora’s leadership team’s hands-on experience and expertise in the industry is what allowed them to build a platform that actually works for users, rather than against them, out of a deep understanding of how the industry works and the needs of both firms and investors alike. This is one of the main reasons why Iridius Capital chose Agora.

Once Iridius Capital partnered with Agora, the Agora support team was able to get them up and running quickly. Now Iridius Capital has a much more efficient process for a variety of critical activities, including customer relationship management, running distributions, and sending reports.

More specifically, the Agora platform has allowed Iridius Capital to move away from Microsoft Excel, which has led to higher levels of accuracy and a jump in productivity. Iridius Capital team members estimate they save a combined 35 hours a week on operational tasks because of Agora.

Improved collaboration is another benefit that Iridius Capital has experienced since operating with Agora. The team can now seamlessly collaborate with its outsourced accounting department because they can share data and tasks seamlessly and in real-time.

Greater success with Agora

Caroline Janjic, the Chief Operating Officer of Iridius Capital, is thrilled with her company’s choice of Agora:

“We’ve had a great experience with Agora. The platform is simple, intuitive, and has all of the features we want. The Agora team has been very accessible to us, too, as we get ready to launch to our investors. They’ve been very friendly and extremely responsive to our needs.”‍

Janjic has also been pleased with Agora’s beautifully designed Investor Portal, from which investors can view their portfolios, commit to offerings, and more:.

“Real estate is a tangible asset. Investors want to see it. The Agora platform presents real estate investment opportunities in a clean, modern way, reminding investors why they’re investing with us in the first place.”

More than anything, though, Janjic loves how flexible the Agora platform is. In fact, this is arguably the most important thing to her.

“Agora is flexible enough to accommodate unique deals. We can easily report to investors on the projects they’re involved in. I think this is largely because Agora knows real estate and the nuances associated with real estate and real estate deal structures. That knowledge has been really important to us.”

Closing Thoughts

Iridius Capital needed a platform designed to meet the specific needs of real estate investors while streamlining operational processes. In Agora, they found an investment management platform built by real estate professionals for real estate professionals.

Thanks to Agora, the Iridius Capital team enjoys greater flexibility than ever before. This added flexibility has led to an increase in operational efficiency, which directly improves Iridius capital’s bottom line – Agora has helped Iridius Capital reduce operational expenses by 25%.

Contact the Agora team to learn more about our investment management solution and how it can help your real estate investment company reach new heights.

Caroline Janjic

“Using Agora, we’ve been able to take a lot of our processes out of Excel and onto the Agora platform, which saves us a lot of time in running through these processes each month."

Caroline Janjic

Chief Operating Officer at Iridius Capital

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