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Streamlined communication and organization

Agora’s centralized platform enables Manzo Freeman Development to optimize their overall organization and simplify communications by having everything easily accessible in one place.

Increased overall efficiency

Manzo Freeman Development enhances their operational efficiency by streamlining processes with Agora’s intuitive interface and CRM. Less time is wasted with redundant back office tasks and endless emails, providing more time to focus on growth.

Elevated investor relations

Manzo Freeman Development is able to strengthen investor relations and improve their professional image with Agora’s easy to use Investor Portal that provides full transparency to investors

About Manzo Freeman Development

Established in 2018 through a joint venture, Manzo Freeman Development specializes in reviving industrial mill complexes across New England, notably in Hudson, Massachusetts. Focused on preserving historical value while maximizing commercial potential, the company acquires strategically located mills and implements comprehensive business plans for value enhancement.

Manzo Freeman Development has rapidly grown its portfolio recently to include approximately 1.7 million square feet of mill space, serving over 275 tenants. They thrive in a niche market often overlooked by larger industry players, emphasizing community revitalization and sustainable growth.

The challenge Manzo Freeman Development faced

Before using Agora, Manzo Freeman Development struggled with disorganization and inefficient communication. While they were looking to optimize backend processes to improve inefficiencies and save time, they were also concerned with their professional image and investor management methods.

As Mike K. Manzo president and managing partner of Manzo Freeman Development mentioned:

“Our previous processes were more piecemeal and most of it was run on spreadsheets. All investor communications were in my email inbox on my computer…It was cumbersome and involved a lot of manual work”.

He added:

“[I was looking for something] to make my life easier and more efficient as well as look more professional in the eyes of investors, capital providers, and partners…and that’s how I found Agora”

Agora’s comprehensive platform and intuitive CRM provides improved organization and streamlined communications

Immediately after getting started with Agora, they noticed measurable improvements to their organization and communications:

“[Before Agora] the biggest problem for us was organization. Documents were saved in various files on computers and there were different files for distribution information, email contacts, etc. Now we are able to track communications and centralize the data, organizing our processes.

Mike also found the CRM feature to be one of the most beneficial features:

“The CRM feature is really helpful as we have well over 100 individual investors. Having all the information and data organized has enabled us to expand our conversations with different groups such as lenders, equity funds, capital markets, and advisors, providing a real source for different deals or capital in the future.”

Manzo Freeman Development improves investor relations and professional image with Agora’s Investor Portal

While they enjoyed the benefits of improved organization and streamlined communications, they also experienced improved professional image and enhanced investor relations with Agora’s Investor Portal:

“Instead of digging through spreadsheets and calculating distributions and returns for investors, we can simply input the data into the system and update it, refreshing it in real time and providing investors with better transparency.”

Agora enables seamless growth for Manzo Freeman Development

Manzo Freeman Development first realized their urgent need for investment management software when they experienced rapid growth and expansion:

“When we recapitalized one of our investments and went from a single institutional partner to having 50 or 60 individual investors, we needed a better way to organize everything in one place as opposed to dozens of files in different locations. With Agora, all investments and investors are immediately visible on the dashboard. Instead of bouncing around between files and platforms, we can log into one system and find all of the relevant information.”

The result: Manzo Freeman Development boosts efficiency and transforms investor relations with Agora

Agora’s comprehensive investment management software has enabled Manzo Freeman Development to improve overall efficiency and elevate their professional image. Utilizing Agora’s user-friendly Investor Portal and intuitive CRM, they were able to strengthen investor relationships and pave the way for continued growth in the future.

Contact the Agora team to learn more about our investment management solution and how it can help your real estate investment company reach new heights.


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