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Better investor experience

Agora’s customized portal significantly improves the investor experience for CAPX Multifamily Fund. Investors gain easy access to crucial information, eliminating the need for constant communication with the fund.

50% reduction in workload

Agora’s implementation resulted in a remarkable boost in operational efficiency for CAPX. Automating back-office tasks, such as generating investor statements, reduces workload by 50%-60% and helps eliminate manual errors.

More transparency with the NAV feature

The Net Asset Value (NAV) feature provided by Agora is a cornerstone for CAPX’s transparency efforts, as it enables investors to easily track the value of their investments, offering a comprehensive overview.

About CAPX Multifamily Fund

CAPX is an investment fund based in Monterrey and Mexico City, Mexico. Established in 2017, CAPX provides investors from Latin America with investment opportunities in the U.S. multifamily market.

CAPX has grown rapidly in recent years, and just in the past year, it doubled its number of investors from 100 to 200.

As the fund grew, so did its investor-management needs. As Juan Pablo Zambrano, Investment Associate and Investor Relations Manager at CAPX, put it:

“We had a back office portal, but it was primarily used for us so that we can manage our investors. As the team and the investment group started to grow, we saw that we were having a lot of challenges with communication and accessibility: handling monthly and quarterly reports, as well as providing an overall portal where investors could view their investments, check how much capital they have invested, explore new investment opportunities, and track their progress with new investments”

That is why CAPX sought out an investor portal that would provide full service to the team and better visibility for their investors rather than just being a back-office tool.

Choosing Agora over the alternatives

When CAPX started looking for an investor portal to fit them, they found that many of the solutions had too many integrated bells and whistles that CAPX didn’t need.

CAPX needed a clean, simple-to-use, well-tailored solution that fit their needs without adding unnecessary complications and was priced accordingly.

Agora’s ability to customize the portal to its investors’ preferences was a key factor in CAPX’s decision to choose Agora over other service providers.

Immediate improvement in all investor-related metrics

Immediately after implementing Agora’s portal, CAPX found that investors were getting most of the information they needed without having to contact CAPX.

As Juan Pablo describes it:

“Our investors are very happy with the portal. Instead of having to call us with questions, they can just jump in the portal and see all the information there.”

The CAPX team communicates with investors and sends updates through the portal often. For any document, deal, or message, investors get a notification to let them know there’s a new update available for them.

The CAPX team also enjoys better efficiency in all back-office work. Before Agora they had to create and send investor statements manually, which took countless hours. Now with the help of automation, they can generate and send the statements with just a couple of clicks.

Not only are they saving more time, but they are also managing to be more accurate and eliminate the errors that occur with manual data handling:

“We had to do every investor statement for over 200 investors by hand, one by one, and put all the transactions in there. And you can have more errors if you do it manually. Now, we just go into the portal and send the investor statements through there. One thing that I really like, and we’re all really happy with, is when we upload the investor statements, Agora automatically matches them with the investor by name. It saves so much time. Overall, the process is more accurate, and we save 50%-60% percent of our time by using Agora.”

Another significant advantage for CAPX in Agora is its “Offerings” dashboard, which helps them make new deals more accessible to investors:

“For us, since we’re an open-end fund, the ‘Offerings’ tab is great. So if you (as an investor) want to make a new investment, you just click, and we get an email. Everything is much more efficient than it was before, which was time-consuming for us and the investors.”

In addition, the Net Asset Value (NAV) feature emerged as a cornerstone for CAPX. Investors can easily track the historical performance of their investments, enhancing transparency and providing a comprehensive overview. This feature became instrumental in investor engagement and satisfaction.

CAPX and Agora – an evolving partnership

By leveraging Agora’s portal, back-office tools, and advanced automation, Capex not only overcame communication and transparency challenges but also enhanced its operational efficiency.

The ongoing partnership with Agora promises continuous growth for CAPX, and ensures investor satisfaction. Moreover, Agora offers more and more features, product updates, educational materials and close customer support to provide CAPX with the most effective solution to manage their investors’ needs.


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