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Quick and Effortless Onboarding

Olive Tree Management reported a smooth and straightforward onboarding process with Agora. The real estate investment management firm uploaded the relevant information onto the Agora system through an accurate automated population. Olive Tree Management efficiently submitted their K1s to multiple investors without issues, within two weeks of partnering with Agora.

Ongoing Success Assurance

Agora’s customer success team maintained consistent and transparent communication with Olive Tree Management throughout the collaboration. Olive Tree Management received dedicated and timely assistance around the clock via preferred communication channels, including phone calls, shared screens, text messages, and emails.

Frictionless Investor Communications

Olive Tree Management navigated daily investor communications through the convenience of an intuitive and accessible one-stop platform. For instance, the Agora platform automatically allocates K1 1065 reports for individual investor profiles.

About Olive Tree Management

Olive Tree Management is a growing real estate investment management firm specializing in multi-family garden-style units. The firm operates in the Mid-Atlantic region, including Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. Olive Tree Management’s dedicated team focuses on selecting the best opportunities for their investors, renovating and transforming undervalued properties into highly profitable deals.

The Olive Tree Management team has established a strong and lasting reputation with a broad investor base since the firm’s founding over ten years ago and continues to execute winning investment strategies based on the highest level of trust and confidence.

Challenges and Objectives

Before reaching out to Agora, Olive Tree Management relied on readily available but disaggregated solutions such as spreadsheets and outlook in managing investor communications and documentation. The process proved tedious and non-cost-productive as Olive Tree Management expanded its portfolio.

The firm actively sought an efficient investment management platform with an easy-to-use investor portal for over nine months from its inception and prioritized the search for an easily implemented solution during the extended leave of absence of its director of investor relations.

Olive Tree Management needed an intuitive software solution they could effectively deploy in distributing K-1s, managing tax operations, and storing documents for their investment management needs. They sought a platform with minimal onboarding to optimize investor management within a narrow time frame.

How Agora Supported Olive Tree Management

Agora worked closely with Olive Tree Management, providing the team with a seamless real estate investment management solution that streamlined all documentation and investor communication from a single accessible source.

The firm expedited its k1 1065 distributions within two weeks with the Agora platform. Agora’s integrated solution provided Olive Tree with significant time-saving capabilities, enabling the team to manage investor communications and documentation from a single centralized point.

Olive Tree received essential investor information in an organized and timely manner through the Agora portal, saving the trouble of manually sorting through multiple communication platforms.

According to Tzvi Gordon, the Chief Financial Officer of Olive Tree Management, the real estate investment space will continue to navigate volatile interest rates in the upcoming years. ‍

An intuitive platform like Agora can help free up the time necessary for driving efficient investor relations, and optimizing core operations that include distributions and communications. For instance, Agora’s user-friendly investor portal empowered investors to effortlessly access the details of each deal without relying on assistance from the Olive Tree Management team. ‍

What Tzvi Gordon Had to Say

Tzvi had a highly positive experience with the Agora platform and looked forward to furthering improvements on investment management operations as the firm continues to familiarize itself with the system.

“It (the Agora investment management platform) has saved me countless hours in being able to look up investor information. See what they’re invested in, their distributions, and what they should’ve been. With Agora, everything was in one centralized spot. And I was able to send out documents to investors pretty simply.”

Closing Thoughts

Olive Tree Management continues to place investors out front and center in their strategies, providing them with the best return on investment. Through Agora’s holistic solution, the firm can focus on developing profitable investor relationships through an intuitive CRM and documentation process.

Reach out to the committed Agora team to discover how our real estate investment solution can help you optimize the administrative processes while you focus on expanding your property portfolios. Start accelerating your business growth with Agora today!

“Without Agora’s built-in CRM and document storage capabilities, I would have been searching for investors’ email addresses on word documents. I would be looking at Sharepoint for individual K-1s through all these segregated platforms for each of our investors.”

Tzvi Gordon

Chief Financial Officer at Olive Tree Management

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