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The Deal Makers Podcast Episode #3

Most people get into real estate to make money. But wealth isn’t the only thing you can build in this business. In fact, it may not even be the most important thing… We recently sat down with Kim Wendland for an episode of The Deal Makers podcast. It was an inspiring conversation, chock-full of helpful tips that you can use to further your real estate career — whether you invest in single-family, multi-family, or industrial properties. In this article, we share a bit about Wendland, her company,Quattro Capital, and her expert advice regarding building a successful real estate empire.

Meet Kim Wendland

Kim Wendland is the Co-Founder and Real Estate Asset Manager at Quattro Capital. After 30 years in the tech space, Wendland says she was”having a blast, but I just knew something wasn’t quite right.” So she decided to make a change. During this transition period, tragedy struck and she was forced to settle the estates of three people she cared about.

“It was fairly intense,” Wendland says. But there was a silver lining. “For each of the people, I was able to see how real estate had fundamentally transformed their wealth.” She then noted to her husband, “There’s a pattern here. I think we should pay attention to this.”

Wendland began dabbling in single-family real estate deals in the Austin / Waco, TX area. Her nephew convinced her to try multi-family real estate deals instead.

The rest, as they say, is history…

The Quattro Capital Story

Quattro Capital is “an investment firm focused on residential multifamily real estate such as apartment complexes, mobile home parks, and the like.”

The company was founded by Wendland and three other people: Maurice Philogene, Erin Hudson, and Chad Sutton. Tammy Sutton eventually joined the partnership as well. Together, the Quattro team has invested in 13 different states since 2019.

In Wendland’s own words, “I can’t know everything…” So,I see all of this real estate as, like, a prism, and I need people looking from every different angle because the rainbow’s different from every side. And we need to make sure that we’re building a plan that’s executed…”

It’s safe to say that the “prism” that Quattro Capital has developed is a profitable one. But Wendland and her team don’t distinguish profit as the number one priority.

Making a Community-Wide Impact

One of Quattro Capital’s founding principles is to “generate income and impact.”

So, Quattro Capital aims to take care of everyone it associates with, from its investors to its tenants. “Those people matter greatly,” Wendland says of tenants, “And they deserve respect.”

What does this look like in real life? Being honest with investors, and providing safe and comfortable properties at reasonable rent prices for Quattro Capital tenants to live in. Doing so has two benefits:

First, it allows Quattro to give back to the communities it invests in. “These properties are a platform for life,” Wendland says. By honoring and encouraging that reality, Quattro is able to impact people for good and build quality communities across the country.

And second, it leads to better, more profitable relationships with investors. “People don’t want to leave and move when they’re in a fantastic place, around people that care for them.”

Adopting an Abundance Mindset

People often ask Wendland, “How did you do it?” It’s pretty simple, actually…

“The key to success – I don’t care what you’re doing – is your mindset,” she explained. “Where focus goes, energy flows. I don’t know who said that, but they were brilliant.”

Wendland says that Quattro has achieved incredible success because they approach everything with an abundance mindset. “I’m not talking about the woo-woo, cheesy version. I’m talking about the real, honest-to-goodness belief, that there’s more than enough.”

The Quattro Capital team believes there are more than enough properties to invest in, more than enough investors to partner with, and more than enough residents to serve.

“When you truly get out of scarcity, and you begin to understand the wealth of abundance that is in every single one of us… We can change our part of the world.”

Part of adopting an abundance mindset is banishing the fear that tries to hold us back.

Wendland says, “Making decisions out of fear is making decisions to fail. It’s all about having courage, right? Fear is actually just a call to courage.”

Key Takeaways

Our talk with Kim Wendland was incredibly inspiring. Not only has she built a successful real estate business, but she’s used her success to make the world a better place. Amazing!

What lessons can we learn from Wendland’s journey? Here are a few key takeaways from our conversation with her. Implement them and see what happens.

  • Build a Quality Team: You can’t do everything by yourself. Partner with others – business professionals, investors, lenders, etc. to build a better, more successful real estate company in as little time as possible.
  • Believe in Abundance: As Wendland says, “There is more than enough.” The most successful people, in real estate or otherwise, believe this to be true.
  • Do Good: “There’s such great need in the world, and I just want to leave it a little bit better, having been here.” What a powerful statement. Fortunately, doing good and achieving success aren’t mutually exclusive. Treat your investors and tenants right and you’ll build a more profitable real estate company for yourself.

We are appreciative of how open and generous Kim Wendland was during this interview. She shared personal stories about her family background, talked about the serendipitous way the Quattro partners met, and dove into specific details about deals.

The episode is worth a listen. As always, get more real estate advice from The Deal Makers podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Asaf is Agora’s Head of Marketing and a growth expert providing consulting services to tech startups and VCs. Asaf is also the host of The Deal Makers Podcast, where he hosts top CRE talents for conversations where they share their success stories and industry insights.


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