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We have exciting news for GPs running debt funds! Now, you can manage all aspects of your debt fund with Agora, streamline operations, and provide investors unparalleled convenience and visibility.

What’s new?

Agora now enables you to:

  • Easily set up and manage debt funds.
  • Create separate debt terms and interest rates within the same fund.
  • Keep detailed records of each investor’s ownership ledgers, promissory notes, contributions, distributions, and transaction records.
  • Connect multiple contributions with specific promissory notes for better control and visibility.
  • Keep track of your investors’ interest rates, term/maturity date, and capital balance.
  • Provide your investors with complete access to their live portfolio information and documents.

A sneak peek into debt fund management features

Here’s a short overview of some of the actions you can take with Agora when managing debt funds.

Setting up a new debt fund is easy and convenient. Create a new fund with a couple of clicks, and create different debt terms and interest rates within the same fund by creating “Debt classes”:

Modified Date & Time : 31 Dec 2023, 02:49 pm


Add positions and promissory notes

You can conveniently add new positions and promissory notes from the Agora dashboard:

Add new contributions

Add a new contribution and connect it to an existing promissory note. You can add multiple contributions to the same promissory note.

From the Investor Portal

Here’s how it looks like from the investor’s perspective on their Investor Portal: Investors can see the details of their portfolio, access documents and track their performance online.

Learn more about debt fund management with Agora

Would you like to learn more about Agora’s debt fund management capabilities?


Lior Dolinski is Agora’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, leading all product efforts within Agora. Lior formerly led product & research teams within “8200”, one of the foremost cyber intelligence institutions globally, and holds extensive experience in product leadership and computer science.


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