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Managing prospective investors efficiently is crucial for fundraising success. Agora’s latest updates to its fundraising tool offer enhanced features to simplify and optimize prospect management. 

From enhanced pipeline views for prospect management to streamlined online subscription processes, these updates are tailored to make your fundraising experience smoother and more efficient. 

How to use Agora’s updated fundraising tool to easily manage prospective investors 

With Agora’s updated fundraising tool, streamline your prospect management and elevate your fundraising efforts.

1. Enhanced offering page

With Agora’s enhanced offering page you can enjoy a streamlined table which showcases all prospects and their current status in the fundraising process. This centralized view allows GPs to monitor prospect engagement seamlessly, from initial interest to completed subscriptions. Eliminate the need for cumbersome spreadsheets with our customizable columns which allow you to instantly focus on the most important data. 

2. Tailored prospect management

Whether you’re handling individual investors, family offices, wealth managers, or institutional investors, our offering feature is now tailored to meet their specific requirements. With streamlined subscription processes and collaborative review capabilities, managing online subscriptions for any investor type is now simpler and more adaptable. 

High net-worth individuals can independently subscribe, while family offices can complete questionnaires on behalf of clients. Institutional investors benefit from collaborative reviews with multiple stakeholders, streamlining decision-making.

3. Upgraded prospect page

Navigate prospects effortlessly with an enhanced prospect page. Gain insights into prospect details, data room access, contacts, and subscription progress. This feature is designed to empower you with important information, allowing you to  efficiently manage your leads at every stage of the fundraising process. 

4. Multiple subscriptions in open-ended funds support

Investors now have the flexibility to invest multiple times in open-ended funds directly from the portal. This feature simplifies the investment process, encouraging continuous engagement and capital infusion.

5. New offering page on the Investor Portal

Our customers spoke, and we listened. The offering page on Agora’s modern, intuitive Investor Portal has been redesigned based on customer feedback. Now, investors can instantly see key information, tailored specifically to them as they explore new investing opportunities. 

Learn how to maximize the benefits of Agora’s updated fundraising tool

Agora’s updated fundraising tool will empower you with enhanced prospect management capabilities, from a centralized offering page to tailored subscription processes. By leveraging these features, GPs can streamline fundraising efforts, nurture investor relationships, and drive success. Reach out to our experts today to learn more about unlocking your fundraising potential.

Modified Date & Time : 25 Mar 2024, 02:54 pm


Julia is the Marketing Manager at Agora. Prior to this role, she spent two years as a product onboarding expert within the company. Now, she harnesses her deep industry and customer insights to initiate all product marketing efforts.


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