Logan Nagel

Real estate development and PropTech analyst, journalist and business developer. Commercial Observer journalist; Ex-Propmodo; drawing on a background in multifamily investment and brokerage. Passionate about biodiversity, better urban planning, and spaces with soul. Catch me in the PNW.

Logan Nagel's Articles

InvestNext vs Juniper Square: 2024 Comparison
Explore the differences and similarities between InvestNext and Juniper Square. Check key features, pricing, and usability to find the right solution.
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Juniper Square vs SyndicationPro: 2024 Comparison
Discover key differences between Juniper Square and SyndicationPro. Explore each tool's features, pricing, and pros and cons to choose the right solution.
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AppFolio Investment Manager vs InvestNext: Comparison [2024]
xplore key differences between AppFolio Investment Manager and InvestNext. Find out which platform is a better fit for your tech stack and investment needs.
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Juniper Square vs AppFolio Investment Manager: Comparison
Compare Juniper Square & AppFolio Investment Manager. Discover key features, pricing & ease of use to choose the right investment management solution.
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