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Leverage public and private data rooms

Agora’s new fundraising tool offers a premium two-layer data room where you can directly pitch an offering to existing investors or create a quality preview for public sharing via a brochure on your website, email, or social media platforms.

The feature essentially functions as a stand-alone marketplace, where you can compile valuable soft commitments from top-level leads.

Agora public brochure

Public brochure

You can conveniently toggle the public brochures on or off, with data meticulously derived from the data room and customized according to your unique needs.

As a data room administrator, you will have comprehensive control over the documentation process, marking their visibility, managing download access, and enabling quick alerts for missing documentation.

The data room comes with multimedia capabilities, where you can strategically add images, videos, metrics, maps, documents, and more to attract investors and raise funds for your real estate projects.

Agora data rooms

Data room

Streamline investor onboarding with customized inbound lead forms

The new fundraising tool enables you to customize automated rule sets for onboarding investors by suiting any offering regulation.

These include factors based on accreditation status and location, driving only relevant information every time to provide every investor with minimum overhead while compiling to his specific regulatory needs.

Agora inbound lead form

Customized inbound lead form

Agora’s advanced fundraising platform offers an intuitive process that redirects qualified leads to an activation page and specific data rooms that match their preferences, improving the chances of a closed deal.

Personalize questionnaires and subscription documents

Similarly, once you have narrowed your target investors, you can expedite the subscription process by tailoring the questionnaires according to individual profiles. These may include maximum and minimum investment amounts, personalized disclaimers, and onboarding prerequisites.

Agora’s platform enables an automated fundraising lifecycle, where you can track and monitor subscription statuses across every stage. You and your LPs will receive real-time notifications that keep them updated with the latest developments of a subscription.

You can manage fundraising with improved efficiency by running a single subscription with each profile, categorizing and monitoring the wait list according to commitment amount, validating accreditations, and more.

Agora subscription process

Personalized subscription process

Specifically, the fundraising tool lets you conveniently acquire an investor’s signature for subscriptions digitally or via offline manual methods, depending on the investor’s preferences. In addition, the fundraising tool allows real estate firms to efficiently review, reset signatures, and countersign documents, accelerating the positioning of prospects down the pipeline.

Gain a bird’s-eye view of offerings

Agora’s fundraising tool enables you to monitor the pipeline every step of the investor journey upon subscription. The platform offers complete visibility of email analytics, allowing real estate firms to manage and customize outbound emails with pre-configured templates for varying investor stages. You can access real-time information to engage prospects and efficiently guide them toward final funding and closing.

Agora manage pipeline

Overview of your offerings

Getting started

Agora’s new fundraising tool will make disorganized subscriptions and documentation a thing of the past. Our advanced tool offers automated subscriptions, a data room customized with impactful information based on investments, and a clear vantage point of ongoing processes, giving you greater confidence and cost-effective capabilities to raise funds for your real estate portfolio.

Arrange a call with Agora‘s dedicated consultants to learn more about our fundraising tool and how you can accelerate your firm’s growth with a scalable, innovative, and secure solution.

Modified Date & Time : 31 Dec 2023, 02:52 pm


Lior Dolinski is Agora’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, leading all product efforts within Agora. Lior formerly led product & research teams within “8200”, one of the foremost cyber intelligence institutions globally, and holds extensive experience in product leadership and computer science.


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