Lior Dolinski

Lior Dolinski is Agora’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, leading all product efforts within Agora. Lior formerly led product & research teams within “8200”, one of the foremost cyber intelligence institutions globally, and holds extensive experience in product leadership and computer science.

Lior Dolinski's Articles

Real estate fundraising: building automated subscription flows
Learn how to create a digital subscription process for your LPs to simplify and automate all stages of the deal's fundraising stage.
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Agora investment management platform: a new fundraising experience
Agora's new real estate fundraising tool makes it easy for real estate firms to market assets via an intuitive and highly customizable process, bringing in new prospects and commitments faster than ever.
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Agora investment management platform: Introducing The New Investor Portal
Agora's investor portal software is leading the market in customization capabilities, ease of use, and quality of design.
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Out of the dark comes real estate investment automation
Learn how to utilize real estate investment automation to streamline data management, facilitate communication, avoid oversights, and maintain the trust of your prime investors.
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