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Tax season always feels like a bad remake of “Groundhog Day.”

Year after year, it’s the same daunting experience: Gathering all your information from disparate sources, sending it to your CPA, and playing ping pong with them, knowing they’re already stretched thin with who-knows-how-many other clients breathing down their necks.

‍On the other hand, investors incessantly reach out, wondering where their K-1s are. All the while, you can only hope you’ll be able to file everything on time and send out the K-1s to investors without resorting to extensions. ‍

The current way things work during tax season leads to recurring issues, such as:

  • Time inefficiencies and less time to focus on growing your business.
  • High probability of delayed filings, leading to a rise in emails from frustrated investors.
  • Uncertainty and lack of transparency with CPAs about the progress and timeline of filing.
  • Potential friction and increased tension with investors.

And all the while, you’re thinking – it’s 2024. There are self-driving cars, and scientists are growing cultured meat in a lab. There has to be a better way to do this. Well, there is. Agora is proud to introduce our K-1 preparation and delivery services.

Agora’s K-1 preparation and delivery services

Our expert CPAs and online Tax Center are available to handle your tax return preparation from start to finish. You can communicate with your dedicated CPA, send & sign documents and get a progress overview from within the platform. No hassle, no extensions.

But first, what do Agora’s tax services bring to the table for your firm?

Agora’s unique advantages in tax preparation services

As a comprehensive real estate investment management platform covering all end-to-end operations between GPs and LPs, Agora is uniquely positioned to streamline tax filings while cutting your high CPA fees in the most efficient way. Here’s why:

The data is already there

Agora can simplify the process by eliminating one of the most cumbersome parts – collecting and sorting the data and documents.

At the outset, Agora’s in-house CPAs can access 50%-70% of the information they need to start the filing process because it’s already there, inside the platform. If you’re new to Agora, you can upload all the documents onto the platform with just a few clicks, and our CPAs will take it from there.

Communicate and collaborate through the Tax Center

The Tax Center is a dashboard you can access from within the Agora platform, where you can:

  • Get a live overview of the filing progress for your entities, collected documents, and investors.
  • Upload required documents with a click.
  • Communicate with your CPA and receive notifications.
  • Allow your bookkeeper, property manager, and team members to access your account and work directly with the CPA to streamline the process further.
  • Sign all the required forms directly from the platform.

Work with leading CPAs and an award-winning customer success team

We hand-picked and vetted CPAs with vast real estate experience and expertise. Agora’s brand ensures that your tax filing is in the hands of the best professionals and that you get outstanding service.‍

Additionally, our award-winning team is fully available to accommodate any question or need you may have during the process.

We’ll deliver the K-1 directly to your investors

Agora’s inherent advantage also comes into play with K-1 delivery. Since the platform already enables automated communication with your investors, they will get the K-1 directly into their respective Investor Portal without any required involvement or added work on your side.

Competitive Pricing

The digitization of the data collection and communication process allows us to drastically cut our CPAs’ work time, enabling us to offer competitive prices to our customers while providing the highest standard of service quality.

How does it work?

True to our general mission to make things easy and hassle-free for our customers, we created a filing work process that requires as little effort as possible from your end:

1. You get a dedicated CPA assigned to your filing

Your CPA is fully available to communicate via phone, email, and video conference or directly through our Tax Center. The CPA will also provide essential advisory and tax planning services as part of the service. If you require more in-depth counsel, the CPA can provide it for an added fee

2. Our CPA gathers the needed info from the platform

As an Agora customer, most documents are already available to our CPA. The CPA will request any additional documents through the Tax Center, and you can upload the required documents the same way. If you’re new to Agora, you can upload all documents with just a few clicks.

3. Communicate and gain a progress overview through the Tax Center

From the Tax Center tab through the platform, you can see the live work progress for all your entities, get notices, communicate with the CPA, and upload missing documents. When the 1065 form is ready, you can sign it from within the Tax Center.

4. Get your K-1s in no time

The K-1s will be ready for download from the Tax Center. You can sit back and let Agora send the K-1s to your investors. We’ll handle the delivery process and follow up with the investors to ensure they get their K-1s on time. The entire process, from the moment our CPA gets all the documents until they file the forms and your investors get their K-1s, will take up to 14 days.

Make 2024’s tax season a breeze with Agora

By using Agora’s tax preparation services, you’ll be able to take care of tax filing needs for yourself and your LPs with as little hassle as possible and for a fraction of the cost, so you can focus on running your business.

To learn more and watch a live demo, contact an Agora representative today.

Modified Date & Time : 30 May 2024, 12:36 pm


Shepsi is Agora’s Head of the Financial Products department, leading the Agora Payments, tax, and financial services globally. As a former CEO and co-founder of a tech company, Shepsi has extensive experience building various complex products and services from inception to market.


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