Shepsi Berkowitz

Shepsi is Agora’s Head of the Financial Products department, leading the Agora Payments, tax, and financial services globally. As a former CEO and co-founder of a tech company, Shepsi has extensive experience building various complex products and services from inception to market.

Shepsi Berkowitz's Articles

Make this tax season a breeze with Agora’s Tax Service
Agora's K-1 services provide a real estate expert CPA and a Tax Center to communicate with your CPA, send & sign documents and get a progress overview from within the platform.
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Investment management software with integrated distributions. Why is it a necessity?
Are you using generic payment services to send distribution payments? Here's why you need an investment management solution that enables you to send distributions from within the platform.
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Overcome Tax Season with reliable data
Real estate remains a highly lucrative investment, with the average house price rising almost 5% in the previous year. Investors and real estate firms alike enjoy this growth, however, right around the corner lies the one thing no one likes, Tax season.
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