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Holistic investment solution

Gel-fund enhanced their operational efficiency with Agora’s holistic platform, which offered both a user-friendly CRM and fundraising tool, as well as comprehensive tax and bookkeeping services.

Substantial financial savings

Adopting Agora’s tax and bookkeeping services resulted in a yearly savings of $90,000 for Gel-fund. This financial efficiency not only boosted their bottom line but also highlighted the strategic financial benefits of partnering with Agora.

Exceptional support and smooth onboarding

Gel-fund experienced a seamless transition to Agora, thanks to a dedicated onboarding specialist and continuous support from a 24/7 customer success manager. This level of support ensured reliability and built trust in Agora’s services.

About Gel-fund

Gel-fund, headquartered in Philadelphia, specializes in residential private equity funds, leveraging over 50 years of collective experience in the Northeast US real estate market.

The team’s expertise includes acquisition, development, construction, property management and disposition of multifamily residential properties and high-end residential condominiums.

Gel-fund is dedicated to providing its investors with risk-adjusted returns and consistent distributions.

The challenges Gel-fund faced with their previous tech partner

Gel-fund’s previous experience with investment management software was far from ideal. The onboarding was a marathon, the platform lacked intuitiveness, and it only scratched the surface of their extensive needs for a more flexible platform.

As Yonatan, Founder & CEO at Gel-fund, puts it:

“We felt stuck. The system was not user friendly, and our investors could feel it too when they used their investor portals.”

The lack of customer service from their previous provider prompted Gel-fund to begin their search for a new partner.

Gel-fund found the holistic investment management tool they were looking for with Agora

In their quest to find a new tech partner, their main priority was to find a solution that was user friendly, flexible, and mature. The search for a holistic solution brought Gel-fund to Agora, but it was the initial interactions with the team and the platform demos that gave them the confidence to seal the deal:

“We saw in Agora not just a software, but a partner that understood our pain points and was ready to address them. The comprehensive features, from the advanced CRM and fundraising enablement, to tax and bookkeeping services, promised a new level of efficiency and simplicity.”

Agora’s commitment to first-class onboarding and ongoing support guarantees Gel-fund’s success

Contrary to their initial apprehensions, the transition onto the Agora platform was smooth and swift:

“We had our own onboarding specialist who made sure our data was transferred seamlessly within a week. Compared to our previous onboarding experiences, it was a breath of fresh air.”

Yonatan mentions that he was very satisfied with Agora’s ongoing customer service:

“The support didn’t stop there; a dedicated customer success manager remains at our disposal 24/7, ensuring I have the help I need to succeed.”

Gel-fund saves $90,000 a year by using Agora’s tax and bookkeeping services

As soon as Gel-fund started using Agora’s tax services in 2023, their tax season was a breeze.

As Yonatan puts it:

“Not only did we have zero delays in getting K-1s back to our investors, but we also saved $40,000 on tax services this year by working with Agora’s CPAs.”

Shortly after the release of Agora’s bookkeeping services, Gel-fund jumped on the opportunity to migrate another aspect of their operations to Agora and significantly cut costs by using the Agora bookkeeping service:

“We couldn’t be more satisfied with Agora’s bookkeeping services. In fact, we are already on a path towards saving $50,000 a year working with Agora’s bookkeeping services. This means we are saving a whopping $90,000 a year with their tax and bookkeeping services. “

The result: Gel-fund significantly boosts business efficiency with Agora

Gel-fund’s shift to Agora has significantly enhanced their operational efficiency, realized substantial financial savings, and improved investor relations.

The smooth transition to Agora, along with its comprehensive investment management, tax, and bookkeeping services, highlights the long-term strategic advantages of partnering with Agora.

Contact the Agora team to learn more about our investment management solution and how it can help your real estate investment company reach new heights.


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