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Better investor engagement

Metonic has experienced a 70%  boost in investor engagement. The Investor Portal reduced support calls, made it easier for investors to find information, and provided clarity throughout the investors’ investment journey.

Enhanced transparency

Agora’s innovative solution improved Metonic’s investment operations, consolidating data into a user-friendly platform. Investors and internal Metonic staff can now access data, metrics, and reports in one place.

10X time savings

Metonic drastically reduces the time spent on its back-office operations with Agora’s automation features. The investor relations team can calculate quarterly distributions and send distribution notices with a single click.

About Metonic

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Metonic Real Estate Solutions specializes in multifamily properties. With 80 assets across six states, they serve 250 investors. Their experts handle acquisition, financing, development, management, and disposition.

Metonic manages assets worth $1.5 billion and has experienced rapid growth over the past three years, leading to a five-fold increase in investors and over $200 million in equity deployment.

The challenges Metonic faced

As their operations grew rapidly, Metonic needed a technology solution to enable them to manage their investor relations and back-office tasks effectively.

Metonic had fragmented and outdated software systems that led to inefficient operations and hindered investor communication. The company needed a cohesive dashboard for internal teams and external investors to readily access and interact with vital data.

The previous investor portal was primarily a back-office accounting tool that did not foster investor engagement. Investors struggled with logging in and accessing documents or information and would call the Metonic investor relations team for help. As the number of investors grew from 40 to 250, this posed significant challenges, straining communication resources and bandwidth.

Internally, retrieving investor details was incredibly complex and time-consuming without a consolidated system and interface. Metonic’s disparate systems severely hindered access to crucial investor information and made it impossible to pull up simple investor data.

For distributions, Metonic relied on a cumbersome workflow involving Excel, Word, and Outlook, and sending investor notices required days of effort. The investor subscription process did not integrate into the system but instead relied on a third-party portal that limited visibility into the subscription status for the Metonic team.

How Agora supports Metonic’s growth

With Agora, Metonic experienced immediate tangible improvement on all fronts of their investment operations.

70% increase in investor engagement

Agora has transformed investor engagement for Metonic: Investor use of Agora’s Investor Portal has grown by over 70%, and the feedback Metonic has been getting from its investors – from individuals through family offices to institutions – has been overwhelmingly positive.

Metonic’s investors love the portal’s intuitive interface. Investors can readily self-serve data, boosting satisfaction and participation.

Molly Laws, an Investor Relations and Operations Associate at Metonic, shares her experience about the improvement in investor engagement:

“We’re finally able to provide a one-stop shop for the entire lifecycle of the investment. So investors can log in, see everything they need from start to finish – dig into all the data, the metrics, and reports they need – and we haven’t been able to provide that in the past. Agora has provided the needed clarity for our growing investor base, and it’s been a huge win for us as a company.”

Josh White, VP of Investor Relations, also pointed to Agora’s impact on investor relations:

“You want your investors to be raving fans, people that want to grow alongside you. And Agora has helped us do that.”

Agora established an accessible, transparent portal for Metonic that helped enable its scalable growth and form stronger investor relationships.

Streamlined back-office operations and instant data access

Agora optimized Metonic’s internal investment operations, reporting, and investor management. By centralizing information and streamlining workflows, Agora enables the team to focus on high-value initiatives driving growth.

Key data and metrics are now accessible via a cohesive, user-friendly dashboard, and staff across Metonic can readily access critical details like investor contributions and returns.

Josh discussed the impact of the dashboard for internal teams:

“With Agora, we can do a quick search, and that information is ready on the dashboard. So you can imagine instead of waiting a day, half a day, to find that information, It’s 10 seconds. It’s a real lifesaver for us.”

Agora has yielded remarkable time savings with automation. Investor relations tasks like portfolio management, information research, and distribution notifications are ten times faster with Agora’s advanced CRM. For example, the distribution calculation and communication process, which used to take days, is now completed with a single click.

Additionally, Agora provides the Metonic team complete visibility into the end-to-end investor lifecycle, simplifying formerly separate processes like subscriptions.

Molly shared:

“One of Agora’s most innovative features that we use all the time is the subscription process. Previously, we sent investors to a third-party portal where they would log in and complete the steps, and I couldn’t track their progress.  Now, with Agora, everything is consolidated within a single login. I can see where investors are in the process and help them if needed.”

Agora ensures Metonic’s ongoing success with first-in-class customer support

Metonic chose Agora over other alternatives because they wanted a technology partner committed to innovating alongside their needs and growth.

Beyond technology, Metonic knows they can always rely on Agora’s customer service. The team is constantly available, super responsive, and always willing to provide assistance and collaborate on new ideas.

For Metonic, the partnership with Agora goes deeper than just software capabilities. It’s about finding a customer-first team fully committed to Metonic’s success and growth.

Closing Thoughts

Agora enables Metonic to streamline operations, boost productivity, and expand communication with its growing investor base.

Leveraging Agora’s automation, intelligent reporting, and user-friendly interface, Metonic provides optimal support to investors. This is helping Metonic drive business growth and increase investor satisfaction.

"Since the beginning, Agora has been so personal. They really wanted to adapt to what we needed, and they're phenomenal to work with. You want your investors to be raving fans, and Agora has helped us do that."

Josh White

VP of Investor Relations

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