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Juniper Square and RealPage IMS are software options for investment management.

But which is right for you?

Let’s look at both comprehensively and see how they stack against each other. We’ll cover key differences in features, pricing, ease of use, and more to help firms evaluate the better solution.

Juniper Square overview

Juniper Square is a real estate syndication platform for GPs and LPs throughout their collaboration in various investments. Key components include:

  • CRM
  • Investor portal
  • Distribution waterfalls
  • Compliance
  • Reporting tools

RealPage IMS overview

RealPage IMS is a cloud-based platform that provides a set of solutions spanning other areas of real estate operations. Specific to investment management, their capabilities are similar to Juniper Square:

  • CRM
  • Investor portal
  • Distribution waterfalls
  • Reporting
  • K-1 sharing

Juniper Square vs RealPage IMS: pros & cons

Juniper Square RealPage IMS
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Comprehensive features. Users report the software can be complex to set up. Investor portals and complex calculations. May have limited agility for new features.
High customer satisfaction. Add-on available for current users of the property management software. RealPage’s broad scope may dilute focus for investor management software needs.

Juniper Square vs RealPage IMS: key differences

While both platforms offer investor operations capabilities, there are some key differences:

Top features

Juniper Square emphasizes fund administration. RealPage IMS is part of a set of software for other real estate investment operations, such as property, leasing, revenue and utility management.

Overall, RealPage has 55 features compared to Juniper’s 53.


Details on pricing are not readily available on either platform’s website, meaning potential users should contact the companies directly for customized quotes based on their specific business needs.

Best for

Juniper Square and the IMS platform suit investment advisors, managers, and private-market commercial real estate firms. Like all investment management software, they focus on a unified solution that empowers GPs to optimize operations.

Customer support

Both solutions offer support via email, phone support, and chat.


RealPage IMS integrates with Gmail, Mailchimp, DocuSign, and Microsoft Outlook.

Juniper Square’s integration capabilities include pairing with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, DocuSign, Wistia, and Lob.

Training software

Training options for both platforms include in-person, live online, webinars, documentation, and videos.

Ease of admin

Juniper Square is more user-friendly, making administration more straightforward for GPs.

RealPage IMS presents challenges in usability that can affect administrative ease.

Ease of setup

Juniper Square provides a relatively quick setup process. Firms typically get up and running within a few weeks.

Setting up RealPage IMS is more complicated and requires more support to set up and customize.

Ease of use

Juniper Square receives high marks for its intuitive interface and comprehensive functionality, making it easier for new users to adopt.

RealPage IMS has some reports of usability issues that might require a steeper learning curve for GPs.

Platforms supported

Both solutions support web access on both desktops and mobile devices.

Market segments

Juniper Square and RealPage IMS cater predominantly to fund managers in the private markets, including sectors like commercial real estate and venture capital.

The IMS platform is broader and includes property management capabilities like resident portals and accounting tools, which can take focus away from supporting GPs exclusively.

Value for money

With thousands of existing customers, the value for money of Juniper Square and RealPage IMS may be impacted. Compared to newer, more agile vendors, they may have a limited ability to provide individualized attention to address evolving user needs.


Juniper Square RealPage IMS
G2 4.8 (86 reviews) 4.3 (13 reviews)
Capterra 4.9 (61 reviews) 4.6 (79 reviews)

Juniper Square receives an overall higher average review score of 4.85 compared to RealPage IMS’ score of 4.45, reflecting its generally more favorable reception on review sites.

Awards and recognitions

Juniper Square recently received accolades as Private Equity Wire US’s “Best Investor Relations Technology,” as well as “Best IR Technology”.

RealPage IMS does not currently hold any major industry awards for its investment management offering.


Agora, our investment management platform, consistently wins awards, including 10 badges in both the G2 Winter 2024 and Spring 2024 Reports. Our platform receives an outstanding 4.8/5 average rating, with customers praising the onboarding and ease of use.

More importantly, Agora delivers real results for our customers, from increasing investor engagement to streamlining operations and boosting equity raises. Their success stories highlight our effectiveness as a next-generation investment management solution. If you want a platform loved by users and proven to drive growth, Agora is the choice.

Juniper Square vs IMS: Which is the right platform for you?

The best platform depends on your investment management needs. If your priority is a user-friendly interface with functionality that spans investment management tasks, Juniper Square may be an option. If you are more focused on managing properties, accounting, and other operational aspects like utility management, RealPage IMS could be a good choice.


Juniper Square and RealPage IMS are two investor management software options that can work for firms looking for CRM, reporting, and investment progress-tracking capabilities. Deciding on a real estate syndication platform starts with a clear list of your firm’s specific requirements. Use this criteria to identify how well each solution’s features align with your specific needs. Be sure to evaluate options through product demos and customer references.

From there, you’ll want to determine the complexity of implementation for each platform and how easily your team can get up and running on the new software. Changing investor management software is disruptive for LPs, too, so it’s crucial to make a fully-vetted choice upfront.

Publish Date & Time : 08 May 2024, 11:34 am

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Nichole Stohler is the co-founder of Gateway Private Equity Group, specializing in hotel investments. As a seasoned real estate investor and syndicator, she frequently writes about the real estate industry.


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