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When tax season approaches, we recognize the pressures it places on GPs. To alleviate this stress, we offer tech-enabled tax returns & K-1 preparation and delivery services. Our service gets you swiftly set up with a dedicated CPA coupled with an integrated Tax Center dashboard, part of our comprehensive investment management platform. Experience a seamless, delay-free tax operation that guarantees accurate, compliant, and timely filing.

Here’s how the Tax Center works

Oversee the preparation status of all your tax returns

The Tax Center allows you to manage and monitor all entities in need of tax preparation and filing. With a clear display of total entities and their readiness for tax filing, you consistently have a high level status update on all your entities tax preparation progress.


Manage each entity’s tax preparation on a unique page

In the Tax Center, each entity has a dedicated page displaying a detailed overview of its tax preparation status and documents. In each section, you’ll find a clear list of the information required by your CPA to prepare the 1065s and K-1s. This setup helps ensure that all essential details, such as investor information for K-1s and documents, signatures, and asset data for 1065s, are easily accessible and verifiable by your CPA.

Each entity page is organized into the following sections

  • Entity & asset information – In this section, you’ll find a list of required documents such as last year’s tax return (Form 1065), partnership agreements, and entity formation documents, essential for your CPA to prepare the 1065s. Once your CPA reviews and approves each document, they can activate the ‘approved’ toggle, offering you clear visibility into the process.

  • Investor position information – Here, you’ll see a list of all investors for a particular entity, including names, residency, and profile status. This page highlights any missing investor K-1 related information, allowing you to quickly navigate to investor profiles to see what’s missing. As you update the missing details, the system automatically updates. Once complete, the investor profiles are marked as completed for CPA review.

Track the status for the preparation of each entity

On each entity page in the tax center, you and your CPA can see real-time updates. Whether you’re working on gathering and uploading documents to upload for your CPA to see, or if you’re waiting for your CPA to approve your submissions, the Tax Center’s status indicators keep you and your CPA informed every step of the way.