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In today’s real estate landscape, it’s more important than ever that firms optimize their fundraising process to close deals faster, with less red tape and fewer resources involved.

Recent statistics show that the vast majority of real estate companies use technology to raise capital to some degree. Specifically, as of 2022, 70% of firms have moderately adopted technology in their fundraising operations, while 30% have extensively adopted it.

But “technology” is such a broad term. Emails, generic cloud drives, and Excel sheets are also “technology.” How can we define “fundraising technology” or “fundraising software”?

What is real estate fundraising software?

Real estate fundraising software is software that is specifically designed to help real estate firms in the process of raising capital.

The software provides tools to assist in various aspects of the fundraising process:

  • Marketing and initial interest (with data rooms and public brochures)
  • Automation of fundraising operations.
  • Easy customization of documents and processes.
  • E-signatures.
  • Analytics and tracking tools to help track lead status throughout the investment’s lifecycle.

Let’s break it down further to map out how real estate firms can use software to achieve a better fundraising process, hit their target amount faster, and close their deal in less time.

How does fundraising software help real estate firms?

A dedicated fundraising software solution can help real estate firms improve their fundraising process across all aspects of the process by:

  • Creating better marketing materials, data rooms (or deal rooms), and public brochures
  • Increasing visibility with potential investors and making information more accessible to them
  • Building an easy, intuitive, and personalized fundraising process for investors
  • Expediting subscriptions and capital calls by cutting through red tape
  • Cutting costs and doing more with less with automatization and bulk actions
  • Having more real-time control and information about the overall fundraising process

Ultimately, firms using the right software solutions have a proven track record of raising capital and closing more deals. That’s what the 30% of firms we mentioned before already know very well, and the rest are catching up fast.

The five fundraising software tools that will rev up your fundraising game

Let’s dive into the essential software tools to help you throughout

all aspects of your fundraising funnel.

Data room/public brochure template generator

One of the most essential components of fundraising is presenting your deals to investors in a clear and engaging way.

The problem: data rooms and public brochures are either aesthetically unappealing, confusing, and messy, or a hassle to create (and more often than not – both).

customizable data room/public brochure can help you achieve this. With a template generator, you can easily add media, metrics, project descriptions, and documents to showcase your deals to potential investors.

This can drive investor commitments by providing a professional and informative overview of your investment opportunities.

An engaging Investor Portal

An investor portal is the storefront of your fundraising operation. It’s the point of contact for your investors to view deals, subscribe, and communicate with you.

Look for a white-label portal that integrates with your website. This can provide investors with a seamless user experience and help establish trust in your brand.

Inbound lead management

Inbound lead management tools can help you capture, nurture, and convert leads into investors. A lead dashboard and automated follow-up emails can help you track and manage inbound leads throughout the fundraising lifecycle. This can save you time and resources by automating tedious tasks and allowing you to focus on more high-value activities.

Personalized Subscription flow builder

Not all investors need to go through the same subscription process. Each investor has their own set of documents and forms to sign.

A subscription flow builder can help you build customized and simple subscription flows. This can save time for investors, minimize friction, and accelerate the fundraising process. By making it easier for investors to commit to your deals, you can increase the likelihood of closing more deals in less time.

Insights & analytics

Staying on top of your fundraising goals and progress is essential for success. Insights and analytics tools provide real-time visibility into your fundraising efforts. From tracking investor engagement to analyzing fundraising performance, these tools help you make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategy. By leveraging insights and analytics, you can identify areas of improvement and adjust your approach accordingly.

All the tools you need for a perfect fundraising – one solution

Agora provides a comprehensive solution covering all investment management needs for real estate firms, GPs, and syndicators.

Our fundraising toolbox includes all the essential tech tools covered in this blog post and much more.

Talk to an expert to book a demo and learn how Agora can improve your fundraising game and help you close more deals in less time.

Modified Date & Time : 16 Feb 2024, 08:27 am


Lior Dolinski is Agora’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, leading all product efforts within Agora. Lior formerly led product & research teams within “8200”, one of the foremost cyber intelligence institutions globally, and holds extensive experience in product leadership and computer science.


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