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The passing year has been one hack of a ride. As we step into 2023, we want to look at what we’ve accomplished together this year.

We grew together

Sharing our partners’ success, this year’s Assets Under Management (AUM) handled with Agora almost tripled from $20B to over $50B AUM. We’re also proud to share that the number of GPs trusting us with their business tripled.‍

Agora's yearly investment performance statistics

‍New places, new partners

Few things are more exciting than moving into a new home. This year we set up shop in NYC to be closer to you so we can deliver the best value possible. Stop by for espresso if you’re around.

We also continued our expansion into more cities and states with new partners in LA, Texas, Utah, New Jersey, New York, Miami, Chicago, Colorado, Arizona, and more.

An award-winning team

We like getting awards, but we love what they stand for. That’s why when we were picked by G2 as leaders in the real estate investment management market, along with awards in three more categories, we were over the moon.

We’re relentless in our effort to simplify our GPs’ operations and empower them to close more deals faster and more efficiently. We’re not in it for the awards. We’re in it for our customers. and we’re grateful for their vote of confidence.

Agora G2 badges

We launched new features and abilities

Our ongoing mission is to give our customers more tools and functionalities so they can make time to focus on their investment operations. Two main tools we launched in 2022 are the Investor Portal and the Fund Raising Enablement toolset.

A brand new Investor Portal

Commercial real estate investor portal

The new Investor Portal is designed with investor and real estate firm convenience in mind. It balances simplicity and functionality by giving investors access to their investments and all related information, together with a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. On the firm’s end, it provided unprecedented customization options and much more.

And while we know it’s not polite to brag, we do have to say that it looks absolutely stunning.

You can learn more about the Investor Portal right here.

Fundraising Enablement Tools

Fundraising enablement tools for real estate firms

More fundraising enablement tools let you create customized subscription flows, data rooms, and public brochures – all with a few clicks. It’s all developed and designed to make the subscription flow simple, painless, and fast for your investors so that you can raise more capital faster. Learn more about the fundraising tool.

‍2023, here we come!

As 2023 is quickly approaching with new challenges and opportunities, we look forward to continuing to grow with our partners and reach new heights together.

Modified Date & Time : 30 May 2024, 12:30 pm


Asaf is Agora’s Head of Marketing and a growth expert providing consulting services to tech startups and VCs. Asaf is also the host of The Deal Makers Podcast, where he hosts top CRE talents for conversations where they share their success stories and industry insights.


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